Summing up what worked for MRSA for me

It is now several months later – nearly June.  My experience with MRSA first began within days after a surgery – last May – as a soft, not painful boil that never came to a head.  In fact, I thought it was a sebaceous cyst.  When it ruptured months later, within days – I had several boils on face and red skin – cellulitis.
Now my face is generally clear.  If I eat avocado for some reason, I will get a pimple.  I am concerned that these are still the MRSA because they take weeks if not months to completely resolve and the skin is painful to the touch.
Presently, I have some little pimples and red spots on my nose – this seems to be the last problem area.  Makes me think that my nose is colonized with MRSA.  But again, this is self diagnosis.  I am keeping them at bay and getting rid of them very slowly with blue cream (TCM) and face paste (TCM).  I am also taking 1 gram of sodium ascorbate a day.  The itchiness on my face has pretty much disappeared.  I may increase vitamin C and see if that knocks it out completely.
Other than that – I have discontinued BZYQT and Acne tea herb capsules.

In hindsight – I think that for me the most helpful things were:
Vitamin C
Chinese herbs – capsules and topical preparations.

The Allimed for me did not work – it is possible that I did not take enough for long enough.  But I did take what was recommended for about 14 days without any significant improvements.  Garlic caps did improve my digestion though – but now I’ve been taking garlicnase with same success.
Tumeric – also did not work – even though I took recommended large doses.
Both of these things have worked for others.  We’re all different.

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