Sinus infection, throat infection, impetigo and Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang

Long stretches between posts – but last week, my son broke out with impetigo around his mouth.  I have been battling little blemishes here and there with everything from the turtle’s UV light to neosporin – keeping it at bay.  But last Saturday it kind of swept around his mouth making a red blotchiness around his chin, near the corner of his mouth, and even by his nose.   I was lucky enough to have a scheduled call with our herbalist/immunologist and I sent her photos and we spoke about it.  She recommended that we use an herb mixture that she had given us for baths to reduce eczema, make it into a paste and put it on his face where the rash was.   We did that, plus used another herbal cream – from local TCM – and in 3 days it was gone.  I am thrilled.  I will continue the regimen for another couple weeks, possibly month.

I wish I could share the remedies – but the bath remedy is called – “Herbal Bath Additive” and comes in 10G silver packets – and the cream only has a small green sticker on it.

I myself have been battling a sinus infection / sore throat / cough for about a month.  I finally went to doctor – she swabbed my nose and throat – so we’ll see what that results in.  In the meantime, I have desperately netied and snorted everything and anything to quell the pain:

apple cider vinegar diluted – burned like hell.  Couldn’t say that I did it enough to see any benefits.

silver –  Flooded sinuses by leaning head over couch and frankly think that spread infection to ears because my ears then became engulfed in pain

hydrogen peroxide – flooded sinuses by kneeling on ground and placing forehead to floor while spraying solution of saline with 1/10th hydrogen peroxide until it bubbled out other nostril.  painful.  but in the end I am concerned that what is ailing me is MRSA again, and hydrogen peroxide has been found in studies to not be effective against MRSA – so I stopped.  My concern is that I was killing less pathogenic bacteria and leaving more room for whatever is pathogenic to grow.

oil of oregano – burns like hell too – and I just did side to side neti for a couple seconds then resisted blowing for about a minute.  This I think is helping.  I did it 3x today.

I’ve been gargling with Listerine and even entertained the notion of neti-ing it.

Internally, I started taking colloidal silver – 1 tsp, 5x a day.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

In conversation with the herbalist, I requested Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang, which I mentioned here.  She thought that made sense.  It will arrive Tuesday.  I will take 10 pills 2x a day, and my son will take half of that.  She said it is an 800 year old recipe that is mild, designed to assist digestion, strengthen immune system, and assist in clearing pathogens.  I am hoping that this remedy will help me clear the MRSA internally for good – and also protect my son.  We will need to take the herbs for 2 months or so.

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