Rosacea? MRSA update –

I wanted to post updates.  My face is MUCH better.  Much better.  In fact people who have seen me over the last months have commented on how my face is a MILLION times better.
I’ve got a series of photos below:
August (2 months post surgery and post appearance of what I thought was a sebaceous cyst).  In this time, the “cyst” burst and spread infection across my face.  Shortly after this, I was given augmentin by GP.  Then I took it upon myself to see a dermatologist who tested and confirmed her suspicions of MRSA.  I was then put on clindamycin.

I was putting all sorts of things to “speed recovery” some of which only burned my face:  iodine, garlic, creams…  This is October where I decided (not doctors) that I needed to see infectious doctor.  It also – while on clindamycin – spread to the left side of my face.  The ID prescribed doxycycline.  I spent 14 days on doxy. 

Here you can see the left side of my face was also affected at this point.  There were also more pustules starting to form.  This point is still somewhere in the round of doxycycline.  But even after doxy, I was left with pretty much what you see minus the pustules. 

Around, November I went to see another dermatologist who diagnosed me with Rosacea.  I asked – MRSA caused?  She did not know because there was nothing to sample  – only really red bumpy skin.  She sent me home with more doxy with a recommend that I return and plan on spending 3 months at least on doxy.  At this point I ended up spending approximately 6 weeks on doxy and about a week or so on augmentin and clyndaycin.  I was also somewhat fed up with the prognosis of a 50% chance of reoccurance.  I was trying colloidal silver, garlic, tumeric, Phenomenal… with no results.
And in December I experienced a reoccurance –  but this time on the bridge of my nose (new place on face).  Also you can see the redness remains with budding little pimples/pustules.

I burned it with iodine (which you can see), and then even worst out of sheer desperation – bleach.  Totally stupid.  I would not do that again.   Also, I tried DMSO with one final capsule of doxy (which literally cleared up pustules in 2-3 days, but didn’t control new ones). 
In January – I began TCM – Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, an acne formula, an herbal paste, and a cream.
Her my face is today.

Current protocol (not totally regular – and I can then feel an itch re-emerge or a new little blemish appear).  But for the most part my face is good.  I plan on sticking better to protocol – to completely rid face and then be able to be pill free.
1 – 10 Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang and 5 Acne caps 2x a day.  Herbal paste and blue herbal cream daily
2 – I notice if I take 1-2 grams of vitamin C it is huge boost to face
3 – I also notice if I drink at least 8 oz of fresh carrot juice – again huge boost
4 – Avocado seems to cause blemishes to appear.  So guac – is always followed by new blemishes or small pustules.  Less and less – so I use it as a monthly test to see my own progress.  Eat guac and see what next day or two brings – helps me gauge level of how my body is doing.

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