Our vitamin C asthma and allegy protocol

I am writing this post to respond to a comment to a previous post on vitamin C megadosing.  Blogger has not allowed me to reply – so while I am figuring that out I wanted to share update and answer question as to what we are using.

This time last year and the year prior my son was on flovent, flonase, and max dose zyrtec to keep the allergy symptoms at bay.  His nose was so stuffed that it was completely blocked without the flonase (nasal steroids).  This year so far he is on:
AM 15 minutes prior to breakfast – 1 gram of lypospheric vitamin C mixed in about 1 ounce of water/apple juice mix. 
Then with lunch or after school through dinner – I take the large capsules of acorbic acid (Thorne with bioflavanoids) and pour into smaller capsules so he can swallow – about 1-2 grams more of vitamin C in approx 250 mg doses about 20 or so minutes apart.
Before bed he takes 1 gram of lypospheric again.

Also, huge shout out to – crystalchild – because it was her blog that turned me onto camel milk.  My son also drinks between 150-300 ml of camel milk a day.  So these things together have given him pretty clear sinuses and such.  I don’t necessarily let him play aggressively outside when pollen levels are high – but it has enabled us to drop flonase and zyrtec.  We continue flovent.

I am exploring making our own lypospheric vitamin C with ascorbic acid.  I have read that sodium ascorbate (which is supposedly the most bioavailable) is not the best for long term use.  But that is work in progress.

My response to Janice’s question – is here –  MRSA and Vitamin C

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