MRSA versus Garlic the Allimed Challenge

This is my personal 10 day challenge and review of Allimed against MRSA.

As I’ve written for the past month or so – I was diagnosed with MRSA about 2 months ago.  I had an ongoing mid-life acne attack for the past 2 years that exploded into MRSA days after an ankle surgery I had.  I’ve been on augmentin – didn’t work.  Clindamycin – didn’t work even though the test showed the MRSA was susceptible to it.  Then (2) 7 day courses of doxycycline.  I am about 2 1/2 weeks off antibiotics and there are some itchy lesion like patches now on the left side of my face.  Not a good scene.

In my desperation – having half hazardly tried and stopped many many things – I’ve decided to try Allimed.  Not sure why – but it seems to have some results posted online and I’m hoping this works.  I will do my best to be consistent and enter in everything that I am doing so that I can be as methodical as possible amidst this most chaotic and panicky time.  

Day 1 – Allimed.  Recommended by the company that I take 6 capsules a day – making my about $120 bottle stretch a whopping 10 days.  But in my experience I anticipate knowing whether or not it is working for me in this time frame.   The protocol that they recommended for me extends 90 days at 6 caps then tapering down to 4 and possibly down further for maintenance.  I could also do a nasal swab after that to determine whether or not I continue to carry.  Bummer, way much more techy crap about MRSA than I want to know.  But it’s here so full speed ahead. 

Against my personal hermit – I am posting photos.  It is on my face so you’ll see me.  If you know me, just know that I am going out of my way to not touch my face – and therefore the infection, not shake hands, no hugging, no contact basically and I am washing my hands down to the bone.  

Oh yeah and I was directed not to take the caps with anything hot – wait an hour between caps and hot food/drink.

For me MRSA manifested as a series of deep soft elongated under the skin cysts by my ear (my theory I touched/picked zit or my phone after touching MRSA something at the hosp).  Then it became cellulitis.  Honestly, this is the best the right side has looked in months, the left side stuff is about 4 days old.  

MRSA on face left side
MRSA on face front
MRSA on face right side

It started near my right ear – and at its worst the soft part of my ear actually was pus-ed up.

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