MRSA versus Allimed Garlic Day 7

I am on day 9 of Allimed – although it is not the only thing that I am doing.  Here is my rough protocol:
Allimed 6 caps a day
Tumeric:1-3 tsp a day (loose about dosage)
Bleach baths
On and off, microsyn on my face

I returned to ID doc because the rash was spreading on my face.  He said that what I am having is an eczema-like rash or severe rosacea that is not MRSA.  I had a little bump near my ear, but it has shrunk as has the couple month old bump under my chin.  The ID doc was not concerned about these bumps.  I still cannot bring myself to hug my son for fear of my potential contamination.

I see a dermatologist in about 1 month.
I broke down and bought the Phenomenal water and gel.  I am going to give it a try in the coming days.  The Allimed is very expensive, my plan is to continue it for another couple weeks and then substitute in another garlic cap and see if there is a difference.

I am also considering mHBOT – at a naturopath near me.  I would like to take my son in with me, but with the asthma I am not completely comfortable.  I spoke with the pulmonologist we’ve seen and he was – predictably – unable to endorse anything outside the bounds of the hospital he is associated with.  I am scheduled to call a doctor in Malibu who runs a hyperbaric oxygen clinic – an MD who has been doing these treatments for years.  I will discuss with him the process and what his experience has been with children with asthma.  In the meantime, I am considering for myself and my mom.  My MRSA inducing surgerytized ankle is hurting – as are some other things.  I am interested to see if it makes any difference in the way I feel – and especially  my skin.

Overall, whatever crazy things I am trying – I think they are working.  The bumps on my face have stabilized and even – dare I say – begun to shrink.  I am hopeful.

I am also awaiting manuka oil – recommended by a blog (mom who overcame MRSA for herself and her daughters).  Good inspiration, happy ending – to this day healthy.  Yay – good vibes – kickin’ MRSA’s vampirous (if that’s a word) ass to the curb.  Good vibes.

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