MRSA follow up – Listerine, Silver, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kampo

I haven’t posted in awhile.  But, I am happy to report that I remain relatively smooth faced.  The only thing that remains of my encounter with MRSA are red blotches along my cheeks – splotchy red areas that really look – well – like I had a disease.  For the most part they stay pretty constant – covering pretty much the entire right side and part of the left.  I did notice a flare up when I took a supplement that contained zinc.  Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’ve read that MRSA sequesters zinc before your own body can.   So more zinc can mean more and stronger MRSA – and no one wants that.
About 2 days into the supplement, my face started to tingle/itch more than usual and a red blotch about the size of dime reappeared on my right cheek.  I stopped the supplement,  squeezed off the little white part, and slathered on staphaseptic ( a must have in arsenal of MRSA fighting weapons).
 The next day I awoke and it was about 80% less red.
So some interesting things I’ve added to my MRSA fighting arsenal:
Listerine found to kill MRSA after 30 seconds.  I wonder what element – or is it combo.  Interesting though, Listerine has thymol in it – from thyme oil.
Staphaseptic – picked it up at CVS.
Manuka Oil – mentioned it before.  But even after being off antibiotics for a couple weeks, I still had the remains of 2 small boils.  Probably around the size of peas.  I put manuka oil on them every morning and night and they finally shrunk down to almost zero.  I really do think it was the manuka oil, because prior to that I was using microsyn which did not have an effect on them.  Microsyn worked best for me when there was open wound type access.  Manuka oil seems penetrated the skin because both of the bumps we’re under closed skin.
Hyperbaric Oxygen – this is something that I am just beginning to explore.  Mild HBOT brought down the redness of my face after only 1 treatment.  But this redness according to the ID is inflammation – some sort of rosacea or ezcema thing.  We’ll see what derm says – I see her in about 2 weeks.  Hyperbaric is on my list of things to return to once I get over this sinus thing I am battling.  I am not sure if I’ll return to the place we first got the treatment, because I do believe that is where myself and mom got sick.  Also, I may try a metal chamber with 100% oxygen.  Not sure, but I’ll definitely share that experience.
Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang (in TCM) or Hochu-ekki-to (in Kampo Medicine) – this is an herbal formula that in this small – not even really study – in Japan, was given to 5 MRSA infected 70-something plus people.   They we’re after treatment – found to be MRSA-negative with resolution of all infections.  I will definitely be consulting my herbalist for this formula – which is listed in the article.
Silver – This is one thing that I am not totally sold on – or rather, I remain skeptical.  But this is an interesting anecdote of its use as a systemic antibiotic.  A 12 year old boy with Cystic Fibrosis – and severe lung disease is successfully, measurably treated by his parents with colloidal silver that they found online.  There are many things to love about this story – like that the parents we’re successful.  Also, they mention that the child was weaned off antibiotics and asthma meds, and still sustained his improvement.  Although, when he briefly discontinued the silver, he had a relapse.  Very interesting.  I hope he continues to do well.
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