MRSA? Doxycycline and DMSO and much anticipated Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

So I finished another 14 day stint on doxycycline because of a flare of red small pustules, inflamed skin, and an itch that feels like little bugs under the surface.  That was about the 23rd of December.  This weekend – about 10 days later, I got another zit that had a whitehead with redness starting up on my jaw near my right ear  (the original spot this all started from) and on my nose bridge (the site of the last flare).  The areas surrounding also reddened more… red patches about 4 inches in diameter.  I went back to manuka oil topically, oil of oregano topically – nothing.  And I am still waiting for the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang – which is scheduled to arrive next week.
Also, I must confess – diet wise – I have not been so hot.  So this probably contributes to the flares.  I have noticed now that if I eat fatty foods like guacamole or mayonaise, I tend to get a flare the next day.  Is this MRSA at this point?  I don’t know.  Is it rosacea – as the dermatologist suggested.  Although, she said that she did not know if it was MRSA.  Bacteria cause rosacea anyways, which is why doxycycline is used.  Could it be a resistant bacteria – totally possible.  Especially in light of recent events.
Needless to say my health insurance expired Dec 1 – so it seems I’m in a little bit of a pickle.  I had 2 capsules left of doxycycline.  In desperation?  Maybe.  Curiousity?  Possibly.  Frustration?  Most certainly.  I mixed the contents of the doxycycline capsule with some DMSO and a bit of filtered water.  I rubbed the mixture onto the flaring areas, and suffice it to say 24 hours after my first application, the redness is down a bit, and whatever zit there was is a dried memory.  Amazing.  
First off, I found the DMSO recipe here– bare in mind this person used tetracyline.  But I used doxycylcine.  The rationale behind this makes sense – take the antibiotic directly to the problem area with the skin penetrating carrier solvent DMSO.  Secondly, I understand that this is no cure – just a way to keep things at bay until the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang arrive and I can conquer this from the inside out.  Lastly, and I can hear all the “duh ya think”s out there, but I am really realizing the importance of the immune system.  The question is “how do you truly strengthen your immune system in our super hectic, not health friendly, go-go-go society?” 
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