MRSA and Zinc

So according to some studies MRSA sequesters zinc.  This makes sense to me because early on I used an aqueous zinc and put it on my face.  The next morning, it was worse.  Not that my experience is proof, but it is interesting in light of the articles on zinc and mrsa.
It is frustrating because one of the 2 bumps that the ID doc brushed off drained today – brown pus and blood.  I put microsyn on it – then did a bleach bath and some extra bleach on it – and finally microsyn again.  Although it appears that the other bump has nearly disappeared, this bump reminds me that the battle rages on.
I continue – without any regularity the last couple days – the Allimed and Tumeric.  After this bottle of Allimed is finished, I will downgrade to another brand that does not run $300 plus a month with the current 6 pills a day regimen.  I wonder – not to at all doubt that they are doing good – why the super cost.  I look at thing like VSL#3 – a probiotic that is fantastically expensive – and understand the cost because they fund studies up and down the product.  Where does the expense go for Allimed?  Just a thought, not an attack.
I have been exploring a couple of interesting things:
Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Low Zinc Diet and Excercise – see links here to explain why: zinc zipper plays key role

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