MRSA and Vitamin C

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Can lypospheric vitamin C help with MRSA?

I just read your post on my blog – and absolutely I do think that the lypospheric vitamin C will help with MRSA. It did for me. As you know, I had MRSA on my face – and the doctors told me that I had a 50% chance of a recurrence. In fact, it seems it is very common to get the MRSA over and over again. My face is clear – although if I stop the lypo – I get new pimples. I think I have to do a 3-6 gram regimen to completely clear it. But I have not yet.

Look at the Levy book – Curing the Incurable. He is the doc who is behind the lypo stuff. I swear by it. It is very expensive and when I get more time I plan on making my own – because from what I can tell if you are treating an infection – you could really take 3, 6, 10 plus – grams a day.

The theory behind the vitamin C – which is a Linus Pauling – is that most people in the developed world have sub-clinical scurvy – which reduces the immune systems ability to fight infection. And when you compare humans to all other animals – like a goat for example. A goat produces something like 10 grams (10,000 mg) of vitamin C when they are not under stress or illness. And the RDA for humans is 400mg (which is not enough in my opinion to help fight infection).

In my opinion – and my experiences – when my 6 year old son had a flu that after 7 days spiked a fever of 102 and really rich cough I gave him 6 grams (6,000 mg) of vitamin C (it was Saturday and we were trying to buy time until pediatrician opened on Monday) for about 2-3 days. Actually at the end of the first day – about 18 hours into it, he was already turning a corner and getting over the illness – the cough was down significantly, apetite returned, fever broke… By Monday – he was fine and we did not go to the doc. I split – 3 grams of lypo and 3 grams of ascorbic acid (the aa I administered as 250 mg every 1/2 to hour) in between the lypo. Lypo I gave every 3-4 hours. In about 2 days, he was back on his feet. I tapered about 1 gram every 2 days. He is on maintenance of 1 gram a day of lypo. I am on 1 gram of lypo a day – but if I miss I get break out starting on my face – as I mentioned. I probably need to do a week or so of 3-6 grams a day to knock this out of my system. I am probably just keeping it at bay.

In my opinion – I would order several boxes of the lypo. Call the company, but I believe Dr Levy recommends 1 gram per year beyond 1 year of age. But call them to confirm. Then try giving that maximum dose. My sense is you will see a phenomenal difference – within 24-48 hours. And then, after things level off – I would try to read up and be prepared to make your own. Because the lypo stuff is basically $1/gram. So it gets pricey. I order on Amazon from a vendor that I have called the company to verify is an approved reseller. Or you may find it cheaper directly from the company.

I am not a doc – only a mom sharing – but we have seen such amazing results – I am super confident you will too – and it is so rapid. There are studies with vitamin C and kids with hyper-IGE – but bear in mind some of these studies were administering 500 mg – again, right medicine, way too low dose – in my opinion. I have given my son 500mg of vitamin C and seen no results. The lypo stuff is the most powerful. Plus I always think in grams now – how many grams until I see a turn around.

My next goal is to make my own. Sorry for rambling. Please let me know what results you see if you do this.

Good luck – I am rooting for you and Moses and your husband. In my opinion this can help boost his immune system significantly.


Denise said:   
August 25, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Also, FYI – primates, humans, fruit bats, and guinea pigs – do not produce their own vitamin C. Every other animal does at levels – 20 plus times higher than RDA for humans. In fact, Linus Pauling said in one of his speeches – the RDA for chimps in labs exponentially higher than the RDA for humans. The reason – if you are doing your work and spending money on lab chimps – you want to keep them healthy and alive for the duration of your work.

Denise said:   
August 25, 2012 at 10:39 pm

Janice – One more thing – if you can find a doctor who would administer intravenous vitamin C. That too can be a most miraculous turnaround. But that is very challenging to find.

Update as of Sept 3
Janice informed me that her son has G6PD deficiency – and so for him high dose vitamin C can cause hemolytic anemia.  Therefore it is contraindicated.  I will try and find other suggestions for her to use in her arsenal against MRSA  – but at this juncture vitamin C is a no-go – sadly.

I write this to affirm that it you always need to do your own research – and I am not a doctor, nor is my blog a substitute or attempt at medical advise.  I know this disclaimer sounds like I am distancing myself from what I write.  I am not.  I go back to my thought that we are all anecdotes – and as such we all need to do what will work best with our individual constitutions and situations.   

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