MRSA 2 years later

I healed myself from MRSA (sometimes spelled MERSA)

It was 2 years ago that I was harboring a post surgery MRSA boil.  I believe I got it in the hospital.   Although, in hindsight, we made a road trip to NY to see our herbalist/immunologist 2 weeks post surgery.  And for some reason having to use the phone in a super skeezy motel room because my cell service was verklumpted, sticks in my mind.  Not sure why, but at this point, I can’t recall if the boil appeared before or after that trip.  At any rate, this time 2 years ago, it had drained and spread MRSA across my face – as boils, pustules, and cellulitis – oh my.   I was homebound, afraid to touch my son, out of work for months… because my face was covered across with what the initial doc has diagnosed as cystic acne.

So where am I today?


Clear faced!  Yay!   I have some scarring from the deep abscesses I had on my face.  I also have some red blemishes that have slowly faded – super slowly – since I’m 2 years out.

Where did the infectious doc say I’d be?

Well, as you know, I was on 6 weeks of doxycycline (back in summer/fall of 2011).  At the end of that, I still had 2 small abscesses under my chin that drained several weeks later.  I also had another ‘outbreak’ in winter of 2011 – while I waited for the buy zhong yi qi tang to arrive.  I quelled this with the one capsule of doxy that I held onto.  I dissolved the doxy in DMSO and applied topically.  This obliterated the ‘outbreak’ (across the bridge of my nose) within 3 days.

DMSO is a solvent bi-product of paper making.  I am not sure I would (or wouldn’t) use it again – I was extremely desperate at the time.  I had lost months of work, had my son move in with my mother, missed out on a new school acceptance for my son – and was basically self-quarantined because the infection was all over my face (and therefore impossible to cover).  When I got off antibiotics, the doc said I had a 50% chance of recurrence.  He was right, with the winter outbreak – mentioned above.   So, DMSO was something that I called on.  I mention this because there is much, good and bad, about it online.  I did think about mentioning it a friend, who recently passed from ovarian cancer.  My thought was topical abdominal application of ginger powder dissolved in DMSO.  I never mentioned because it sounded/sounds like a total freaken experiment.

At any rate, I used bu zhong yi qi tang & herbal acne tea for a couple months, along with 1-3 grams daily of lypospheric vitamin C – which I have yet to make myself, despite the  ultrasonic cleaner I purchased months back.  I also used, topically, staphseptic (which they changed name of product to tecnu first aid gel).  While it does kill the crap out of MRSA, if you can get an abscess open, it does contain benzethonium chloride (linked to host of issues) so not so in love with it.  But when I was totally in the midst of the MRSA storm – and feeling like the infection was winning – I did get some results from it.  Plus I did meet someone who used it with success also.  You can read here –

MRSA boil topical approach

In past year – I have occasionally gotten a blemish – which if I could push on it without a radiating pins and needles feeling – I felt  was not MRSA.   I’ve recently taken to using oil of oregano topically to get rid of any blemishes or pimples.  It does a great job – drying stuff out – but it burns like crazy and makes the entire surrounding area red.  So, best used before bed.  Recently, I’ve weaned off daily  lypo-C and even eaten avocados to test – and I am “thank the energies of universe” clear faced.

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