Mega dosing vitamin C, the flu, asthma, and allergies

So the last week and a half were crazy.  My son picked up a flu at school or somewhere – it was a 7 day fever.  We went to doctor at the beginning of it to make sure that his lungs were clear of any asthma issue – she checked for strept and said it was just a flu.  Well after about 5 days of fever hovering around 100.5 to 101 – it broke on Friday-ish.   Bear in mind, I don’t give (for the most part) tylenol or any other fever suppressor – for a variety of reasons… not wanting to block his body doing healing work, asthma incidence and severity linked to tylenol usage…

Saturday during the day, his cough was really robust and frequent, then in the night the fever made a reappearance at 102.5.  My son slept through a family gathering (only happens with higher fever).  I was in a panic somewhat.  Because the fever broke and reappeared – along with the present throughout robust rich cough – I was worried.

I decided to try megadosing vitamin C.

I gave him small amounts (starting at about 1am Sunday morning) and building to 1gram doses that totalled around 5-6 grams for the day on Sunday.  Throughout the day his energy rose and the cough grew less frequent although robust.  Fever back hovering between normal to 100.5 for the day.  We continued albuteral – as directed by doc previously every 4-6 hours.  Also, I continued dosing the vitamin C – combo of ascorbic acid alternating with sodium ascorbate.  I buffered the ascorbic acid with a small dose of calcium.  He did not have any loose stools that would indicate that he was reaching bowel tolerance.

Monday temperature back down to normal finally.  The cough less frequent even still, and a bit less robust.  (continued dosing vitamin C – 5 grams.

Tuesday temperature normal –  vitamin C – 5 grams (spread out of course throughout the day).  Cough less frequent, less robust.  We went for a walk because it was so nice outside and ran into another classmate of his.  The classmate (David) had also missed as much school with a 7-8 day fever (his had apparently spiked to 104 and he had gotten a bloody nose his mother said).  David was on antibiotics.  His mother had given tylenol throughout to break the fever.  David also was diagnosed with a flu – but on Saturday was given antibiotics (not because of any diagnosis the mother said, but because the doctor could already tell that she was very very anxious over this flu.  I confirmed with her – no strep diagnosis, no sinus or chest infection – just the lingering flu and thus antibiotics).  I am not trying to criticize only to draw out an interesting thing – all mothers panic.  I too panic and run to the doctor.  Shit, I just panic.  I panicked Saturday night – and vitamin C was my plan of action.   But I have had enough infection now to know that antibiotics are not the panacea that I thought they were when I was younger.  And hence, I want options.  I want to know that I basically have a plan that can work if western medicine fails me – and it has.  Not that there isn’t much to value in western medicine, but all good things in their own place, time, and moderation. 

Wednesday – back in school – first time in about 10 days.  3 grams of vitamin C

Thursday – 1 gram of vitamin C before school – I plan on giving at least 2 more over course of time between school day finish and bed time.

I post this story because there are a couple of things that I find interesting.
With increased vitamin C
1 – my son’s cough has slowly subsided.   We are moving towards healing after a really hard flu

2 – his nasal congestion due to pollen levels – too has subsided.  In fact, I called doctor on Friday requesting a refill for last year’s nasal steroids out of sheer desperation.  We are on TCM herbs – but still the nasal congestion was so severe (clear discharge) since pollen blossomed about 2 weeks ago –  that at least 1 nostril was completely closed at all times.  I also thought that was what contributed to the really robust cough he was having – although the Saturday night’s fever clouds my original thoughts.  But at this point – the nasal congestion is present, but nothing too severe – like he can breath through his nose in the day and night. 

3 –  I wonder if with the increased vitamin C we can make it through pollen season on flovent (inhaled steroids) and zyrtec (anti-histamine) alone.  And of course TCM herbs.

It’s just interesting and got me curious about scurvy and vitamin C.  And when I read about levels of ascorbic acid are necessary for the body – I just wonder if one of the keys in this lock of food allergy and asthma isn’t – for lack of better term – “sub-clinical scurvy.”  The turn around that I witnessed on Sunday – really the cough and the fever actually getting down to normal for some part of the day – and then my son actually playing later in the day – was really miraculous.  And the only thing we were doing was vitamin C – I didn’t get any TCM herbs in him at all. 

There are articles and science behind using vitamin C for asthma attacks.  Not that I would suggest that – an asthma attack is an instance in my book that warrants the Emergency Room.  But, using vitamin C to prevent an asthma attack – that is something I can get behind.

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