How we are reducing IGE levels

Now I have read a lot of articles and studies on how IGE levels have been reduced.   Just some of the things I’ve found that have been documented in scientific studies to reduce IGE levels are:

whey (30% decrease in a month)
deep sea water (vague, but interesting)
sodium ascorbate 1 gram daily (initially dropped IGE levels, fluctuated, then rose slightly over initial levels)
spirulina (there is a study on the internet – but it’s published mainly on producer’s website.)
raw dairy
camel milk (watch Dr Michael Mandl session – I believe that is where IGE levels are discussed)
herbs (there are varying studies and stories – from Ayurveda through Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Here is an interesting article covering several TCM herbal mixtures.
deep needle acupuncture (searching for article I read awhile ago)
ALA (alpha lipoic acid) – still trying to get full copy of article.  But basically this abstract describes children with allergic diseases getting relief, and full resolution in some, with ALA chelation to remove heavy metals.

So, as I posted earlier, we saw our allergist a couple weeks back.  Since then the blood results came in and my son’s IGE levels have declined from 1722 to 1059 – a 36% decrease since our last blood draw 6 months prior.  This is the first such a drop to date without steroids.  His levels dropped somewhat about 2 years ago – but this was following 2 doses of steroids (1 injection for a failed food challenge and 1 oral for an asthma attack).  So we are definitely moving in the right direction with our present protocol.  We will retest in 6 months and hope to see the healing trend continue.

If you’ve found studies/ideas/suggestions for reducing IGE levels please post.

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