heel-ing hak-er /noun/one who takes the helm of one’s own healing at any cost

Patience is a virtue. But lucky for you, it’s not one of mine. I’ve been blessed (and cursed) with a compulsive curiosity that drives me to understand whatever ails me – now – and defy the diagnosis.

I can’t wait for NPR, Dr. Oz, or other mainstream media to discover and sound bite to bits the latest alternative treatment. I’m out there stalking the Johns Hopkins immunologist as he wraps up his mouse study and ponders repeating it on humans. Or calling the herbalist in China, whose choppy English I can barely understand, but whose 2000 year old wisdom I worship.

Though I’m not a professional doctor, scientist or healer, I’m well-versed in all of their lingo. You might say I’ve been a closet med geek for ten years, and now I’m coming out, to spark your healing curiosity while satiating my own.

If you’re a fellow healing hacker who’s defied her diagnosis please send your story to denise@healinghacker.com. It may be the next “Hack of the Month” on HEALING HACKER TV.