Hair Test Results

So I finally decided to do a hair test for my son.  To be quite honest, I have been somewhat despaired over the results.

Firstly, I am not quite sure what the sources of these toxic metals are.  For example, the lead – we drink water from a very expensive water system.  Is this simply inhaled by-product of pollution?  Is it that the water filter does not work as well as advertised?  Is it some remnants of lead paint in our home – but it’s not like he is eating it, or we’ve been sanding old window trim.  Is it residual of the Chinese herbs we took – but the doctor assured me that heavy metal tests were performed on the herbs – and they were well below limits.  I am not quite sure what to make of it all.

Secondly, what does a hair test mean?  You can go online and find all sorts of anti-hair-test, hair tests are quackery, sorts of entries – but the fact of the matters is – there are clinical studies using hair tests.  So they cannot be complete bunk.

Thirdly, what is the process that the particular lab, Doctor’s Data, that we chose?  I’m not sure – so I’ll be ringing them up in the coming days to better understand their process.

Next, what am I to do with the essential element results?  We are low, or nearly off the bottom value on several essential elements.  Zinc, magnesium, and potassium levels have been linked to asthma (higher levels=better asthma control). But, again, what does this mean?  Is this indicative of nutritional status?  While I am following up with our nutritionist in about 10 days – and it does not surprise me given our limited diet – what am I to do with these results?  Also, given the lower status of some essential elements – what is process before beginning Andy Cutler low dose chelation therapy?  Again, there are varying schools of thought on chelation – and some processes, in my opinion are too powerfully disruptive of toxins in too short a time – this too is a medical and scientifically backed procedure.  And as my theory on what created this in my son consists of a triad:

  1. disturbed gut microbiome because of missed exposure windows and lack of beneficial since
  2. over-vaccination in too short a period of time and before his immune system had a chance to get educated
  3. toxic overload

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I am slowly piecing together our personal puzzle.  For me the goal:  re-balance his immune system as much as possible through nutrition and bacterial therapies so that we can be free of asthma and food allergy.

Further Reading:

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