GuoLin Qi Gong for Cancer and Other Chronic Ailments

I have not written in awhile.  I’ve been working for the last year – super slowly – on a documentary about our healing journey.  I have amassed quite a few interviews and am now in the process of editing – and ultimately looking for an editor – to work on putting all this together. 

I have also been working to prepare to study some GuoLin Qigong.  GuoLin Qigong was designed to heal a body of cancer and other chronic illnesses.  Traditional Chinese Medicine views cancer as a chronic illness.   And I am noticing – as friends and family fall prey to its grasp – that it is everywhere.  We are poisoning ourselves it is certain.  What’s more alarming than it’s pervasiveness,  is the kind of “well what are you going to do about it” aka “you can’t do anything” attitude that prevails.  A kind of cloud of “well everybody gets it eventually.”  Not so – I don’t remember it always being this way. 

So, in my quest for healing information, I am happy to say that in the coming months, I will be traveling with my son, mother, and father to meet and study with a GuoLin Qigong master.  She is one of the original, having learned from Master GuoLin herself.  And, she is a forty year terminal cancer survivor.  So I am excited to meet her and her club members, most of whom are cancer survivors.  I am hoping that some of them will agree to be interviewed, as well as the Master.

At any rate, I encourage you to research GuoLin Qigong.  It is a specific practice developed by Master GuoLin when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She was basically told by the doctors that there was nothing left for them to do.  Apparently, her family had a lineage of Qigong masters, and she used her contacts, knowledge, and access to ancient texts, to create a Qigong practice designed to conquer her cancer.  Needless to say, after many months of practice she herself was clear of cancer.  She then went out to teach others, who then were also healed in great numbers.  Some practitioners used chemo therapy, some used Traditional Chinese Herbs, some used other methods – all in combination with the GuoLin Qigong practice – to outlive their prognosis’ by decades.  Ultimately, Master GuoLin died of a stroke some 40 or so years after her terminal diagnosis. 

This is a powerful practice, that is not just any form of Qigong. 

My family and I will be learning specific elements of the practice to address our health issues.  We have communicated our health challenges to the Master, and will go over them when we meet.   She is going to then teach us specific regimes to help strengthen and heal our bodies.  I am very excited.
I will write and post links to any video as it transpires. 

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