Bone Broth Stew

The hair test results got me thinking about our nutritional status. And while I’ve been doing some research on mineral supplements, I decided to add foods that boost nutrition as a form of ‘food supplementation.’ And bone broths are a wonderful way to do that.
But as we’ve crapped up our world and our food it’s become more difficult to find clean nutrient dense foods.  I’ve even wondered about organics because if you look at what organics regulate and test for – it’s mainly pesticides, herbicides, and gmo – but not things like heavy metal contamination.  Hence, the whole aresenic in the rice crap.  This isn’t something that is normally tested for – and if you look at or think about your water – well I could go on and on.

At any rate, my son’s hair test inspired me to order a mass of organic bones and meats (fyi, sometimes order can take up to a week, but it is soooooo worth it).  And here is our first bone broth soup.

bone broth stew

bone broth stew with oxtail and veggies

Recipe for bone broth:

3-4 organic beef oxtail

1 med size beef bone

3 quarts of filtered water

splash of organic apple cider vinegar

I put in an Le Creuset pot.

I brought just to a boil, then simmered for about 10 hours.  Just so that you know the smell is not all that pleasant.  You can cook for anywhere from 8-10-48 hours.  It really depends on your stamina and cooking set up. My friend did hers for 48 hours in a Slow Cooker   The process of handling the bones too – not all that appealing.  But it is so worth it, especially when it is cold outside.

Strain chum.  Then once it’s cooled, but before gelled, take out bones and meat.  I freeze just the broth and use the meat on oxtail for first soup or stew.

Recipe for soup/stew:

(use organic where available)

1  leek

1 onion

swigs of fresh basil and dill

coconut oil

2 portobella mushrooms

1 cup corn

3-4 small red potatoes

1 cup already cooked basmati rice



Finely chop leak & onion.  Chop mushrooms and potatoes in small cubes.  Saute the leak, onion, mushrooms, and potatoes until brown in coconut oil.  If you can use butter, that’s awesome – but we can’t.  Once it starts to brown, I added salt and pepper couple shakes.  I also used scissors to cut up 2 heads of 5 or so leaves of basil off our plant.  Saute all these together until potato starts to soften… about 20 or so minutes.  Then add about 2 cups of stock along with 1/2-3/4 cup of filtered water.  The stock is so robust, the flavor will fill out.  Chop dill and add.

Let it simmer about 15 minutes – or so until potatoes are soft.   Add rice and oxtail meat.  Make sure is all warm and serve.

Yum!  My son,  who is not lover of soup, gobbled it up.  He loved it.  And he got some great minerals:  calcium, magnesium, potassium….