Food allergy herb, lypo C, camel milk and the allergist

So last Tuesday we went to see the allergist – my son was given a lung function test as part of the visit.  According to the test his lung function is well within normal range.  The allergist looked up his nose – and said it all looks great.  She encouraged us to halve our – already small dose of flovent (44mcg 1 puff 2x a day).  So we are experimenting.

My son’s weight also jumped – up to this point, he has been teetering from below 25 percentile to under 50.  But this last weight measurement puts us at the 56 percentile – up from 25 percentile 6 months ago.  Yay – camel milk.

This is him – about 3 months ago sitting on the counter scrapping every ounce of camel milk ice cream he could – from the ice cream maker.

Our current protocol – that we do every day
Food allergy herb – 6 capsules 2x a day
1 gram of lypo C right after waking up and 15 minutes before breakfast  (If he coughs or seems otherwise congested – I will give him a second gram of lypo C before bed)
1-1.5 pints of camel milk

I give – without regularity –
vitamin D drops
cod liver oil
magnesium (which actually I need to make a point to give daily)
quercetin/bromelain mix

Our western medical protocol –
1 – sometimes 2 – puffs of flovent 44mcg/daily
albuterol as needed
and of course our epi bag with benedryl and epi’s in it for emergency

We are waiting on blood results from our visit to allergist last week.  I’m not a praying type of person – but I have been pleadingly putting out requests to universe last week or so for healthy and normal results.

On a note about myself – MRSA on face is totally gone.  I continue 1 gram of lypo C for myself daily.  I do notice if I stop the C that the itching returns within about a day or 2.  I am not sure if I am just keeping it at a sub-symptomatic level.  I might need to give a round of 1-2 weeks of larger doses… maybe in the 3-4 gram range and then discontinue briefly and see if itching returns.  But at least I am no longer covered in red pimples, patches, or pustules.   In fact, my brother commented recently “wow how did you get rid of that MRSA?  Your face looks like you never had anything.”

My son too has continued to have periodic bouts of the impetigo.  I am going to speak to the TCM doc this month.  I have not really given him more than 2 grams of lypo C since that flu in March – even though when I called the company that mentioned that doctor Levy recommends a maximum dosage of 1 gram per year over 1 that the child is.  So technically, my son could go to 5 grams.  And if you figure that his body is using some of the C as antihistamine – Maybe this would totally knock this bacteria out of our lives.  I have not yet tried.

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