Food Allergies Have Met Their Match: Chinese Herbs

Is your doctor still prescribing that tired old regimen for your food allergies, asthma or eczema: emergency plan, allergen avoidance and that ubiquitous stash of meds? Are you convinced it would take a miracle to overcome these conditions? Well I may have just met that miracle. A doctor with enough ambition and vision to take on the mis-educated immune system. A doctor who has successfully delivered patients from intractable asthma and eczema in her private practice and is now determined to help patients overcome food allergies –

Dr Xiu-Min Li amd_xiu-min

I’m extremely honored to share my interview with the most important immunologist and Chinese herb expert working today! If food allergies, eczema, or asthma are a part of your life, she should be too.

Dr Li’s team at Mt Sinai University administered her unique herbal formula (FAHF-2 – food allergy herbal formula) to dozens of subjects and actually saw their immune system response switch from allergic to non-allergic! She and her team have also been able to suppress the subjects’ histamine (the muscle-contracting, capillary-dialating compound that cells release during allergic reactions) and abnormal basophil activity (the very cells that produce histamine). These findings offer substantial hope that the immune system can be retrained and rebalanced from allergic to tolerogenic – AND that food allergies can be overcome!

Like all great pioneering minds, Dr Li is plowing forwards into uncharted territory and slowly succeeding.

“How long might such a herbal treatment take?” you ask. Well like the recipes themselves, the duration of herbal treatments must be tweaked for each individual. As she demonstrates the efficacy of Chinese herbs, Dr. Li is also trying to make them easier to swallow. Currently the amount of capsules prescribed can number in the dozens, but Dr. Li is developing a way to pack more punch into each capsule, so you don’t have to spend an hour swallowing every morning.

Even if she is able lower capsule count, this allergy genius will not be able to lower the amount of treatment time by very much. Like all natural cures, herbs work gradually, and therefore more slowly than strong synthetic drugs that shock your system into submission. Dr. Li warns patients that if they’re seeking an immediate cure she can’t help them. Building up a tolerance to an allergen on a cellular level requires a lifestyle change. Though it varies from patient to patient, if you’re seriously considering Chinese Herbs for allergy or asthma be prepared to continue your treatment protocol for up to three years.

Chinese herbs have been “in development” for two thousand years – their wisdom cannot be modified for our ever-shrinking attention spans. Though cultural differences between Eastern and Western medicine sometimes create a language barrier on exam bed or lab counter, Dr. Li’s life long clinical research proves that the old adage “The best things in life are worth waiting for ” is clearly not era or culture-specific.

Born in China, Dr. Li was simultaneously trained in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine in Henan and Beijing, followed by fellowships at Stanford and Johns Hopkins, and now is a professor at Mt Sinai University. Author Henry Ehrlich calls her a Rosetta stone because she can think simultaneously in both systems and recognize the potential of thousands of TCM remedies for treating diseases of the immune system that defy conventional remedies, not just food allergies but also eczema and asthma, and, potentially, autoimmune disorders.

Read the complete Q&A with Dr Li discussing Chinese Herbs for asthma and food allergies.

Read more about Dr Li’s upcoming practice based study “Chinese Medicine for Food Allergies.”

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