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This program harnessed my metabolism to transform my body.

Hi, I'm Denise and I'm a
45 Years Young Single Mom.

Not too long ago I felt ​super unhappy and dull.  

My energy was low.  

My stamina was low.  

My metabolism was low. Ugh!  

All this eroded my confidence and made me feel PREMATURELY OLD.

I felt like I had become that beaten down person that doesn't have the energy or desire to have a GREAT LIFE.

It really sucked!

I dreaded social events, avoided the pool, hated trying clothes on, and avoided looking in the mirror.  

There was no way you'd find me in a bathing suit at the beach - I was too ashamed and felt "squishy" (my son's term of endearment for me.)

I'd rather sweat my butt off in pants or long shorts than be in a bathing suit.

And as a single parent - there was NO WAY I WAS GOING TO DATE.

​How could a great guy find someone like me attractive -  I was ​just too tired and overworked to care about how I looked.


In truth, I was actually trying all kinds of stuff to drop the weight, tone up and ​INCREASE my energy.

I would make some progress, but then plateau - but it was never enough to really make a difference.  

I still felt tired - and out of shape - greying and wrinkling before my time.

Losing weight, especially as a mom in her mid-forties ​is a lot tougher than most people know... and that's because most people don't know how the body actually works and how to get the body to burn rather than store excess pounds.

​As I mentioned, I ran into an old friend.

She said that she knew how I felt and shared with me a new groundbreaking program called "Flat Belly Fix" by body transformation expert Todd Lamb.

It's the simple step-by-step blueprint that she used to get back into shape, and boost her energy and vitality. 

At first, I thought its claims were a bunch of hype but...

My mirror doesn't lie.

Now, I love nothing more than getting into my bathing suit on and showing off my figure at the beach.

Or wearing my yoga pants on errands, to school drop off, basically whenever I can.  

It feels AMAZING.

And even more exciting - I finally feel full of energy all day long...

and can play with my son for hours - just like a parent in their 20's!

Thanks to my newly discovered breakthrough it became clear to me that it's not all about...

  • ​Counting my calorie intake gram by gram
  • ​Depriving myself of my favorite foods
  • ​Killing myself at the gym

Other "fad diets" I've tried from gurus that claim to have walked the walk and talked the talk produced a yo-yo effect, so after all my sacrifice my weight bounced right 


...and of course my energy levels flushed down the toilet, keeping me sluggish, depressed and with massive panic and anxiety attacks.

What makes Todd's "Flat Belly Fix" system different is that it is designed to achieve long-term results...

... quickly and more simply than you might think...

... and without yo-yo-ing.

It does this by using your body's own bio-chemistry...

  • ​Without pricey supplements
  • ​Without weird foods
  • ​Without excessive exercise

​The science in this system makes it completely unique and life transforming.

It's derived from ancient Eastern wisdom, which inspired the research from the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine .

I immediately incorporated it into my daily life with no problems whatsoever as its step-by-step "3rd grade level" instructions made it super easy to follow.

  • ​NO MORE counting calories
  • ​NO ​expensive miracle supplements
  • ​NO exercise gadgets and schedules

For the first time ever, I was transforming.

Words cannot explain how excited and happy I am that my best friend shared this life altering system with me.

I feel vibrant, young, in control...

My son no longer calls me "squishy."

I'm way less angry and stressed as a single parent.

Overall, I feel like I've got a lot to look forwards to - and that I have the energy to make this life of mine a joy and adventure.

​I feel like I've reversed the aging process - my skin glows and is smooth, my ​joints have a new elasticity, and my hair shines

like it did in my 20s... maybe even better.

I have constant surges of energy throughout the day and I'm able to spend real, QUALITY time with my son.

I feel so vibrant, I've even STARTED DATING AGAIN!

I believe Todd's program can do the same for you.

  • ​Imagine ​waking every single day ​and fitting perfectly into that forgotten pair of jeans you so loved wearing a few years ago.
  • ​Imagine being laser focused throughout the day​ with the energy you need to go after the life you really want.
  • ​Imagine ​having the energy to be the parent you want to be.
  • ​​Imagine ​being that ​woman that age doesn't seem to ravage - the woman who looks amazing and vibrant when she walks into the room.

This was exactly what happened to me, and I'm so grateful that I stumbled across Todd's program, because it transformed and changed my life forever.

I cannot overstate this - getting in shape and gaining energy has TRANSFORMED ME.


  • Freedom from the burden and worry of disease.
  • ​​Freedom and ENERGY to pursue the life I dreamed of.  (You only have one life and the older you get the more you realize that it DOES NOT GO ON FOREVER.)
  • ​Freedom and POWER to be the best me... the real me. (If you've ever accomplished a big goal, you know what I'm talking about.)

​To name just a few....

It has truly been a MIRACLE.

If I hadn't made this pivotal decision, the consequences could've been disastrous.

I was on track to become just another one of those people - slugging through life headed for the "common diseases of age":

  • ​Heart disease
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​High blood pressure
  • ​Joint pain
  • ​Arthritis
  • ​An unfulfilled life of silent despair - probably the worst of all

​If any of this sounds like how you are feeling - see if this life-changing system can work for you too, just as it did for me​.

Other "fad diets" I've tried from gurus that claim to have walked the walk and talked the talk produced a yo-yo effect, so after all my sacrifice - my weight bounced right back...

... and of course my energy levels flushed down the toilet, keeping me sluggish, depressed and with massive panic and anxiety attacks.

What makes Todd's "Flat Belly Fix" system different is that it is designed to achieve long-term results...

... quickly and more simply than you might think...

... and without yo-yo-ing.

Click on the button below to discover if Todd's staggering simple step-by step system can help you improve your metabolism and boost your energy levels.


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