Face Status and Protocol

So my face is soooo much better.  I actually was a bit panicked because I had to travel last week to Arizona for work for 6 days and was really worried about having an outbreak there.  But I didn’t.  In fact, while in AZ the itching went away.  I even ate avocado, something in hindsight I feel has exacerbated and even triggered outbreaks – and remained clean faced.

My son has another little gathering of pimples on his face near mouth and nose – he may be fighting cold.  He is on a smaller dose of the TCM herbs – but herbalist suggested I bump him up on the BZYQT.  He also is not on the vitamin C that I am taking, nor is he on the carrot juice.  I am considering introducing both, but we have been on an introduction for some other foods, so I am hesitant to do everything at once.  Plus it seems like he is taking lots of pills – herbs, vitamins – so I am a little reticent to up the herbs.  We’ll see how things are tomorrow, I may just start some carrot juice with him slowly and see if that helps.

Here is my current protocol
10 capsules of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang – in morning and night
5 capsules of Acne Tea
Washing face morning and night with Neutrogena Acne Face Cream Wash
Using TCM paste on face after shower at night
TCM Blue Cream on face before bed
1-2 grams of vitamin C
8-16 oz of fresh carrot juice

When I returned home, I noticed the itching starting to return – despite the above protocol sans the carrot juice.  Today when I added carrot juice back in – the itching was way down as well.  It may be the vitamin A.

Here is what my face looks like today.

Face Center

Face Left

Face Right
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