DMSO and Doxycycline, MRSA? Continued AND Arrival of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

I have to say, within 2 days of 1x time a day application of the dmso and doxycycline mixture, the redness is down to the point of 2 weeks of oral antibiotics.  I did not photograph this – regrettably.  But the results are nothing short of amazing.  Things I’ve learned –
1 – I view my body as an experiement
2 – I tend to be unsatisfied with most answers I get from the medical establishment
3 – Finding a pure and reputable form of DMSO is paramount
4 – glass, glass, glass – bottles
5 – this is by no means a cure because another blemish has popped up elsewhere

In the meantime, my order of BU Zhong Yi Qi Tang has arrived along with some Acne Tea herb – both from my TCM practitioner.  Let’s just say this month’s invoice for herbs will be steep. 

But I am excited with the arrival of the herbs.  My son’s face has been totally clear for about 2 weeks.  He has a small blemish.  We will apply paste at shower time today and I’ve started him on 1/2 cap BZYQT tea – will build to 2 – according to the TCM doc.  I have not been given dosage yet – she is awaiting my doing a blood test to check liver, kidney, and CBC prior to giving me dosage.  Her concern is that the 6 weeks of antibiotics is taxing on the body.

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