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How to Use Diet to Cure Psoriasis!

How to Use Diet to Cure Psoriasis copy

Can you use diet to cure psoriasis?The short answer is YES. But you would never guess that if you read any of the mainstream medical literature and sites. In fact, most, if not all, of the medical sites say that psoriasis IS NOT curable – only treatable.  Bear in mind that one of the primary […]

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“Say Hello to My Little Friends” Why haven’t ordered TSO yet?

So, I have been super gung ho on TSO for the last several months.  I’ve imagined my son being symptom free of food allergies and asthma.  I’ve seen him eating veggies & dip with yummy sour cream and mayo.  I’ve seen us eating at a sushi restaurant – or any restaurant for that matter – […]

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Hercules, Food Allergy, and the Baked Milk Challenge

My son is learning about the Greek and Roman Gods and myths.  And Hercules is one of them.  When I thought of Hercules it was – ‘super strong muscular dude who slayed mythical dragons, animals, and warriors.” Like Yanni on steroids in a loin cloth or something.  Boy did I underestimate his journey. Well, and […]

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