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An Epidemic of Absence Part 2 – and a plan to heal allergies

Ok, so last nights reading kept me up until about 2am.  Not just the reading, but the section talking about maternal contributions to children being born allergic.  I ruminated to the point of neausea.  In a perfect world, where I have powers to see into the future, I would have done: 1 – eaten way […]

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Beyond Food Allergies, Allergies, and Asthma – or Why I can’t stop thinking about giving my son worms

Anyone who lives with food allergies and/or asthma knows – it can really make life, regular life, school life, travel life, social life… challenging.  Depending on the severity and the number of food allergies, for example, it can make eating out frightening, if not impossible.   Doing things spontaneously, or longer than planned, can be problematic […]

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