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A narrowing and constricting of the lungs along with inflammation triggered by an external stimulus such as pollen, dander, food… that causes a person to wheeze and cough. Asthma symptoms range from repetitive cough & wheeze to fatigue after exercise or exertion. (Side note: an asthma symptom to look out for in children is fatigue after exercise. Children have a difficult time recognizing asthma symptoms, let alone communicating them – and fatigue after exercise can be an indicator)

Asthma can be chronic. And, it’s most definitely suckass.

Allopathic medicine offers avoidance, steroids, immune dampening drugs, and emergency plans. And while all of these can be LIFESAVING, I am interested in deeper, longer lasting, healing.

More Evidence: Ancient Chinese Herbs Can Treat Allergy

FAHF-2 could be the closest thing to a cure for food allergies out there. What is a cure? In my opinion: tolerance. Being able to savor what was once a mouthful of death. I recently read “Food Allergies: Traditional Chinese Medicine….”   The book chronicles the work of Dr. Xiu-Min Li – known by anyone […]

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Probiotics: Treatment for Food Allergies?

Probiotics healing food allergies? I’m not doctor – my running mantra – but I am curious as all shit.  And the last week has felt very depressing to me.  My son is now 8 and he continues to have food allergies and asthma.  Ok, we go back mid-February for blood draw & allergist so I’m […]

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