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Talking Updates on Chinese Herbs and Food Allergies

Chinese Herbs for food allergies, eczema, and asthma

Chinese Herbs for Food Allergies, Eczema, and Asthma If you or anyone you love lives with food allergies, eczema, and/or asthma you follow the work of Dr. Xiu-Min Li. Henry Ehrlich spoke with me about his new book “Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, and the Fight Against Allergic Disease” which he co-authored with Dr Xiu-Min […]

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Talking Microbiota – Everything From Allergies to Depression

mycobacterium vaccae

It takes a village to raise a child.  On a microscopic level, each child is a village unto himself; and that village sculpts everything from their immune system to psyche. DURING OUR recent conversation, Professor Christopher Lowry of University of Colorado elegantly painted the picture of each person as a teaming community of cells and […]

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How we are reducing IGE levels

Now I have read a lot of articles and studies on how IGE levels have been reduced.   Just some of the things I’ve found that have been documented in scientific studies to reduce IGE levels are: whey (30% decrease in a month) deep sea water (vague, but interesting) sodium ascorbate 1 gram daily (initially dropped […]

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