Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang and MRSA

I am on day 2 of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang.  I have for the last week – after running out of the final doxycycline tablet – been using a TCM paste for my face after shower along with an amazingly staining blue herbal cream.  My face is looking the best it has looked in six months.  The paste and cream combo have cleared the redness and squash pimples better than any cream I have ever been given by an allopathic doctor.  I am excited to see how the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang works.  I take 10 capsules 2 x a day along with 5 caps of an herbal remedy called “Acne.”   My son is taking 1 capsule of the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang.  I will begin introducing the “Acne” capsule in the next week or so as well.

Redness of Rosacea caused by MRSA down significantly

This is the left side of my face, which after antibiotics was still red, but now down significantly.  Also, the itchiness is diminished.

Left side of my face – so much better also.

 Just for reference, I’m including a photo of my face taken on Sept 6, 2011.  This was when it was in the throws of MRSA infection.  I was on antibiotics, putting iodine on my face – everything I could think of. 
At this point, the pustules were drained, but the redness was the big thing – the spreading redness that nearly engulfed my face.  This image is from nearly 5 months ago.  Even after antibiotics the redness remained.  I was – as I’ve stated – referred to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with Rosacea.  Whether or not she could definitively say the Rosacea was MRSA caused – I knew it was because I had never hand anything like this prior to the MRSA I got after my ankle surgery.

I am so happy to be getting my normal face back.  I am very excited to see what the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang does internally to speed up my healing – I pray.

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