Painful Ovarian Cyst, Chinese herbs, and Proteolytic Enzymes

ovarian cyst chinese herbs

So the pain continued despite the ACV.  I went last week to see my TCM herbalist.  She switched recipes.  This new recipe has helped to diminish the pain greatly.  I am on a schedule of 3 days per package of herbs and 2 days off.  She advised me to drink everyday once my period arrived. […]

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How we are reducing IGE levels

Now I have read a lot of articles and studies on how IGE levels have been reduced.   Just some of the things I’ve found that have been documented in scientific studies to reduce IGE levels are: whey (30% decrease in a month) deep sea water (vague, but interesting) sodium ascorbate 1 gram daily (initially dropped […]

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About Me About US

I am not a scientist or doctor – just a layperson on a healing journey.  All modalities have something to add and in my opinion locking onto one only can be downright dangerous and just plain stupid.  I want to use this blog to share thoughts on research, healing modalities, stories of healing, and insights.  […]

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