MRSA 2 years later

I healed myself from MRSA (sometimes spelled MERSA) It was 2 years ago that I was harboring a post surgery MRSA boil.  I believe I got it in the hospital.   Although, in hindsight, we made a road trip to NY to see our herbalist/immunologist 2 weeks post surgery.  And for some reason having to […]

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“Say Hello to My Little Friends” Why haven’t ordered TSO yet?

So, I have been super gung ho on TSO for the last several months.  I’ve imagined my son being symptom free of food allergies and asthma.  I’ve seen him eating veggies & dip with yummy sour cream and mayo.  I’ve seen us eating at a sushi restaurant – or any restaurant for that matter – […]

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Hercules, Food Allergy, and the Baked Milk Challenge

My son is learning about the Greek and Roman Gods and myths.  And Hercules is one of them.  When I thought of Hercules it was – ‘super strong muscular dude who slayed mythical dragons, animals, and warriors.” Like Yanni on steroids in a loin cloth or something.  Boy did I underestimate his journey. Well, and […]

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