Best Vitamin C Supplement We Use For Asthma

I’m often asked,

“What is the best vitamin C supplement for asthma?”

The best vitamin C supplement for asthma

We battle allergic asthma that is triggered by things like pet dander and seasonal pollen.  Years back, when my son was about 6, he got some random virus that was going around school.  He had a fever, congestion, and cough.  It lasted a couple days and cleared.  But then a couple of days later, he started with a fever again and a very rich cough.  This time the fever was higher, about 103.5.  And the cough screamed for a doctor visit.  It was the weekend.  He wasn’t wheezing or struggling for breath, the signs of an asthma attack for us, so we decided to ride out the weekend and go see doc on Monday.

I, of course, was worried.  The cough and fever reappearing after days of going down, seemed like a chest infection of the antibiotic kind.  Late Saturday night, I started administering the vitamin C.  Within the first 24 hours, he consumed 5-6 grams.  By Monday, it was if the fever and cough never happened.  It was that extreme.  We didn’t even go into the doctor.  By Tuesday he was back at school.

What does all this have to do with asthma?

This was March/April, the beginning of the pollen season and the onset of perpetual congestion and asthma.  And so, every year prior to that year, we began to battle the seasonal allergies and asthma with an arsenal of steroids:  steroids up the nose and steroids inhaled into the lungs.  But coming off that virus/infection, instead what happened, without me even realizing it was that the congestion went away, never to return.

Now during that weekend and the week that followed, my son went from taking 5-6 grams every 24 hours (2 days) down to 2 grams every 24 hours (3-4 days) down to 1 gram daily for months.  What was interesting was that he was able to be steroid free that spring for the first time since the asthma diagnosis.

Asthma and IgE

For us, the asthma is linked to IgE.  And being allergic asthma, that makes sense.  In June, so a couple months after the virus and still taking 1 gram of vitamin C daily, we went in for our regular allergist appointment.  His lung function was normal without being on steroid or emergency inhalers AND his IgE level had dropped 30% from its level 6 months earlier.

We had tried vitamin C for asthma before.  We’d taken several different brands, in several gram doses as well.  But nothing did it quit like, what we would say for us, the best vitamin C we’ve found for asthma.

How did the vitamin C help with asthma?

Livon vitamin C is sodium ascorbate.  Sodium ascorbate is potentially more bioavailable – meaning you get more of what you take into your body (and out of your digestive tract).  For us, we definitely saw this.  It had an impact that was more powerful than any other vitamin C we had taken previously.

Vitamin C has been found to raise glutathione levels*.  And glutathione has been associated with decreasing IgE – and hence decreasing asthma symptoms.**

So for us, we would say that this is the best vitamin C supplement for asthma for us.

*Vitamin C elevates red blood cell glutathione in healthy adults.

**Correlation of plasma glutathione and total IgE level: evidence for a regulatory role of antipxodants in vivo

Best Vitamin C Supplement We Use For Asthma
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Best Vitamin C Supplement We Use For Asthma
We suffer from allergic asthma. We have through trial and error come up with a variety of supplements that help us manage asthma. Vitamin C is one of our go-to supplements for asthma.
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