Baked Milk Challenge

baked milk muffin recipe

baked milk muffin recipe

***I substituted light olive oil for the canola oil.

So we passed the baked milk challenge. Yay! I am elated, almost to the point of being numb. I tried tweeting from the hospital – to take myself out of the emotions of it – but alas my cell phone signal was kerplunked. My son had coughed in his sleep the night before, so I was concerned he may have been having an asthma issue. He hadn’t had the steroid inhaler for a couple days either. At any rate, they checked pulmonary function and it was fine. We also did not do a skin test, but just jumped in. Our time went somewhat like this.

  • 1:30 at first dose of 10% of 2 muffin full dose (recipe makes 12)
  • 1:50 ish – nurse checked skin, mouth, tongue, lungs, and blood pressure. Second dose – 20%.
  • 2:15 ish – nurse checked vitals again, skin…. good to go for third dose – 30%.
  • 2:35 ish – vital check again… and the final 40% of the 2 muffins.

My son finished about 2:55. Then we sat and waiting for 2 hours. All clear. And without a valium drip for me.

There is something very disconcerting about having spent years avoiding a food, and now suddenly, when your child looks at you in the hospital…

“Should I eat this?”

And even though every bone of your being says “No.”  You go ahead and nod your head “Yes.”

Very disconcerting – maybe similar to what it must fee like to jump out of a plane.

The doctor’s recommendation is now to eat the full 2 muffin dose 2-3 times a week. My son of course begged me to have a muffin today, so I gave him one. He is fine, thankfully.

The follow up to the baked milk challenge, according to my doc is –

  • First we do the 2 muffin dose at least a couple times a week.
  • After couple weeks work up to everyday.
  • After couple weeks/month of that we can do a couple times a day.
  • Then we can try another recipe but with same dose of milks (powdered & liquid).
  • After a couple weeks/month then we can try other milk products in baking: sour cream, butter, yogurt, buttermilk… but with the same dose of milk protein.
  • Then we can consider, if all is tolerated well, trying something like cheese – but it must not be gooey – more like the bubbled/charred cheese on the edge of pizza crust. Couple weeks/months…
  • Then you move to gooey. If all this is going well, then the next step would be coming in for a liquid milk challenge.

Well at this point, we are happy to have an additional food. But it must be at this point, and all points until gooey – cooked at 375 for at least 20 minutes. From what I’ve read, the studies about baked milk – under-cooking can be a problematic thing. I think we’ll be sticking with the baked milk muffin recipe as is – with it’s 20 minutes at 400. I don’t love this – well because from what I’ve read, the browned part of food can be a big contributor of AGE’s. But we went through with the challenge, so for now – we’re dealing with eating it.

Follow up:

So for the last several days, my son has been eating 1 muffin a day.  So far so good.  Will escalate up to 1.5 or 2 sometime next week.

Baked Milk Challenge – 5 weeks out

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