Baked Milk Challenge – 5 WEEKS OUT

Baked Milk Challenge – Dosing Daily

Baked Milk Muffins - Daily Dose for IgE Dairy Allergy

Baked Milk Muffins – Daily Dose for IgE Dairy Allergy

So far, 5 weeks out the process has been rather uneventful – thankfully.  I ask my son to leave the room, to minimize the chance of exposure to the powdered milk or liquid.  The mix takes 15 or so minutes – and the baking (which the recipe says should take 20 minutes at 400) in our electric oven, takes about 30-40 minutes until the tops are brown.

I have not yet given him 2 muffins a day.  I just feel like too much carbs – and he’s already becoming a carb lover/somewhat veggie poopooer.  Plus, if he eats it on an empty stomach, he complains that his stomach hurts.  So I give it to him with breakfast (always oatmeal made w/ camel milk, honey, and cinnamon).  Talk about carb loading.  Eaten with his oatmeal, he doesn’t complain of a tummy ache.  I’ll probably discuss this with the allergist.  But at this point, I’ve read enough studies about desensitization – which is somewhat, what I feel we are doing here.

Yesterday, I baked the dozen, but this time substituted an organic powder milk.  The recipe calls for “instant” powder milk and stresses – NO SUBSTITUTIONS in the milk arena.  Of course, the only version of instant I could find is Safeway brand – which literally is packaged like military rations in white paper with blue text.  And who knows what crap is in it because it’s conventional.  I’m not saying that organic is perfect, but it is definitely better.  So yesterday I substituted the organic powder (non-instant) which of course was calibrated differently.  On the regular instant milk, it calculated 1/4 cup = 26 grams of protein.  Organic was 3 TBLSP = 29 grams of protein.   So I added 3 TBLSPs of the organic.  According to measurement sites, 1/4 cup = 4 TBLSPS.  So, there is less powdered milk, but slightly more protein.

I gave him 1/2 muffin yesterday – after dinner – of course w/in minutes “My stomach hurts.”  But other than that, he was good.

This morning, he ate 3/4 muffin and we ran out the door.  I noticed a red blemish on his cheek and he cleared his throat.  I asked him if he was OK.  He said, “Yes.  Just some cinnamon still in my throat.”  But I freaked out – and we turned right back around and went home.  I watched him – and eventually the blemish diminished and he seemed fine.  Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow because he has 1/2 day classes.  I think, we’ll get up 2 hours prior to time of leaving house – and I’ll give him 1/2 muffin and see how he does.  If he is OK, then the next day I’ll try and scale up to 3/4 muffins and so on, until I reach 1 muffin again.

While I like the idea that we may be helping him tolerate milk sooner, especially in light of our last blood draw for milk – IgE going from 11 to 22 (after years of slowly dropping).  But the dosing is a real pain.  It’s also difficult to think about how to dose him once official school starts next week – I’m thinking we get up slightly before 6am – so that he can dose and finish by 6 or 6:15 so that once we are in the car at 8:00/8:15, we’ve passed our 2 hour window of watch and wait.  Otherwise, I’ll need to dose him after kungfu – around dinner time.  Which means valuable stomach room will be occupied with a doughy muffin glob.  I didn’t really fully think this out before the challenge – I mean I was aware of it and thought about it somewhat. But I thought it was more a challenge – if you pass go home and eat freely.   But the protocol, for us, now feels more like a desensitization process.  While the doctor says, don’t put any restraints around exercise within the 2 hour consumption window – I am.  I just personally don’t want to risk it.

Additionally, we are off food allergy herb.  We are experimenting with a probiotic, but I’m not sure how to gauge success at this point.  Plus I feel like we are flying sans a safety net – which is what the food allergy herb gave us.  Again, not much for answers, only more questions.  Although he is going to rug covered kung fu school 3 times a week for 1.5-3 hours a stint.  And while we have a bit of cough in morning – post nasal drainage I think – he is otherwise fine.  Cold smoothie still makes him cough.  He is on 1 puff flovent/day.  Eczema still an issue (inner elbows & backs of knees). But the plus goes back to kung fu – we have been able to attend on current flovent regimen.  Also want to mention – 11 sessions of acupuncture & cupping (spread out 1x/week).  It’s plausible that these things are helping us cope with, most certainly dust mite riddled carpeted & beloved Kung Fu school.  As pollen rises, that will further reveal if we are having positive impact.

Baked Milk Challenge – First Post


We did 1/2 muffin this morning before class.   My son seemed fine.  He was a bit congested – I couldn’t tell if muffin or pollen (high ragweed today).  At any rate, we’ll do 1/2 tomorrow as well – after class because of earlier morning.  The nurse, whom I spoke with today, said I don’t need to be super aggressive about increasing the dosage if I don’t want.  The benefit is taking it regularly – she even said every other day if necessary.  I prefer everyday – to which she said it was fine – 1/4, 1/2, 1/day or even 2.  Whatever works for us.

I also mentioned that he complained of stomach ache after eating.  Her response was that his immune system may be recognizing the proteins and it’s possible that it will cause stomach ache for awhile.   She said that as long as that is only symptom w/o hives or vomiting or anything else.  I’m not sure now if that blemish was an issue – but we didn’t have any blemishes today so full steam ahead.

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