Arsenic, Rice Dream, and White Coated Tongue

So, we quit all rice products about 6 weeks ago.  My son would eat rice noodles, rice grain, bars with rice in them, and especially Rice Dream in his morning oatmeal.  Since quitting we’ve found it somewhat challenging to fill that gap – but we now rely more heavily on camel milk.  So we’ve used that to fill the gap.  I am extremely disappointed in how this whole thing has gone down – and while I appreciate the efforts that Lundberg Farms are making to be transparent and work with establishing a testing plan – I am not comforted by the FDA’s advice to not change rice consumption habits.

Apparently, 2015 is the target for setting safe limits of arsenic in food.  It is amazing how slow that is – in comparison to say the explosive speed in areas like fracking approval.  Three years to establish safe limits.   That to me is total lobbyist bull-crap at its finest.  I’m not interested in establishing safe limits – in my mind, they’ve already been established (the water limits seem like a good benchmark – although they could probably be even more strict) – I care about getting it out of the food immediately.

So, until that time comes, we are doing our best to stay off of rice.  I’m sure there are other problems with other foods – but we can only make decisions about what we know at this point (my own way of talking myself off the ledge of obsessing).

At any rate, my son has had for the last several years, a pretty perpetually white coated tongue.  Of course the pediatrician said – “eh, it’s just the way he is.”  The Chinese Doctor said, “he’s got greasy tongue.”  And me – well I think it’s not so good.  But I have not been able to clean it up.  Today, I noticed that his tongue is the clearest its been since I’ve noticed.  The only thing I can attribute it to is stopping the rice products and rice dream especially (since that is huge no-no for kids according to consumer reports). 

So then I looked up “arsenic white coated tongue,” nothing came back as of yet – I haven’t gone very deep in the research.  But one forum linked arsenic to candida issues (like arsenic, in all it’s glory, can also contribute to candida issues).   And candida is linked to a coated tongue.  I’m not saying it’s for sure, but it is really the only thing I’ve done differently in the last 6 weeks – dump rice from our diet – and now his tongue is clear.  Interesting.

Has anyone else quit rice and found any interesting things happen?

This inspires me to think further about the ALA detox – not moving on that yet, but it is in my sights for further research.

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