An Epidemic of Absence Part 2 – and a plan to heal allergies

Ok, so last nights reading kept me up until about 2am.  Not just the reading, but the section talking about maternal contributions to children being born allergic.  I ruminated to the point of neausea.  In a perfect world, where I have powers to see into the future, I would have done:

1 – eaten way more omega-3s

2 – not remodeled, painted, laid new carpet… beautified my home with scents of disease

3 – most importantly, hauled my ass to a small farm and shoveled shit, milked cows, cleaned after pigs & chickens, and frollicked in bacteria and pollen proteins at least every weekend – for the mix of bacteria to hopefully educate, through the placenta, my son’s immune system.

Wow, it would be interesting to see if all this would have helped my son be born less allergic, or dare I even say it, not allergic at all!?!?!?!

So now what?

I’m not finished with the book – so I continue to hold out hopefully for some clue as to my next steps.  I am rather hung up on the m.vaccae – and have already hatched a plan to redecorate my home with buckets of various animal dung and slop.  Seriously.  The plan is to go out to some Amish or organic farms and purchase their animal excrement.  Not sure after that.  Do I look for microscopic images on the internet to try and identify and hopefully harvest some beneficial fecal animal bacteria?  Do I just let us breath it in?  Will this help, not help, or make things worse?  In the book, Mr Manoff mentions that for some the bacterial exposure after the allergen sensitization has happened, can make things worse – creating an onslaught of defensive alarms.  How & what should I do?

I know it sounds crazy – and not to go into too much detail – but it is a bitter pill to swallow that I need to stand idly by and not try anything.

My hatching plan in progress is evolving to include:

low dose chelation & supplementation to support such detox

exposure to educating bacterial (probiotics yes – but most strains I can find with studies backing them are not available on the market.  Plus this very laser targeted exposure… not so sure it’s effective).  Green acres is the place for me… Farm living is the life I need.  Well OK an urban farm mashup focused on poop and mud.  If you read the book
you’ll see just how significant orofecal infections can be in generating a healthy, robust, and tolerant immune system.

fecal transplant (this is on the radar – not on action plan).  We are awaiting our kits from the human gut project – just informational at this point.  But definitely something to think on further.

helminths (this too on radar – but not action plan).  I’m not sure if this isn’t something that my son would need to decide for himself.  Plus if this did graduate to action plan – it is something I’d try for myself first – having raynaud’s and joint issues – both of which point to a whacked out immune system.

Here’s my first entry about “The Epidemic of Absence.


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