​20+ ​Vitamins & Supplements for Asthma & Allergies

Welcome to the Healing Hacker Allergy & Asthma Resources section, a curated list of the researched vitamins, supplements, books, and other helpful tools. I have researched and tried every recommendation on this page.  Many of the resources listed here are crucial to successfully managing our allergies and asthma. 

I think the challenge ​when using vitamins for allergies & asthma, is first finding the proper supplement, then using the correct form,  and finally getting a therapeutic dosage.  Once you've got that down, you need to determine a reasonable  ​time frame ​to see if something is working/not working for you.  

​​In my research of supplements for asthma and allergies, I ​prioritized anything that​ has been found to skew away from Th2, aka asthma and allergies, and/or skew towards Th1.  I searched out vitamins and supplements that were shown to reduce IgE, increase IFN-y, increase IL-12, increase NK cell activity (natural killer cells), and/or reduce IL-10 (IL-10 tends to be associated with the Th2 arm of the immune system). 

And just a brief note, if you don't already know this, Th1 is humoral immunity known to "fight viruses and other intracellular pathogens, eliminate cancerous cells, and stimulate delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) skin reactions"  while Th2 is adaptive immunity via production of antibodies.  Being skewed too heavily in either direction can result in diseases.  Allergic problems and asthma ​are caused by / associated with an immune system that is Th2 skewed.

You can also read my exhaustive list of "54+ ​Science-Backed Supplements and ​Herbs ​​Can Reduce IgE ​Levels".  

aged garlic
  • Found to increase ​​Interferon​ gamma (R)
  • Reduce​s IgE associated skin inflammation in mouse model (ear swelling)
  • Of the various studies on garlic extracts. AGE (aged black garlic) seemed most effective for allergy
  • ​Exhibits antioxidant effects
  • Buy ​the brand we use here.

A proprietary extract produced from specially cultivated and hybridized mushrooms. 

  • Found to increase IL-17 (th17), IL-6 and Interferon gamma (R)
  • Inflammatory - skew towards Th17 
  • Enhances NK cells
  • Buy the brand we use here.
Liquid R Lipoic Acid

You can take a supplement.  ​Food sources of Apaginen include celery, parsley, and chamomile.

  • ​Found to skew the immune system towards Th1 via IL-12 and Interferon Gamma increases (R)
  • Inhibited histamine release
  • Inhibited over-production of IgE
  • Buy the brand I recommend here.
d pinitol

​Component of inositol (found in legumes and leafy greens).  D-pinotol has been found to help with endometriosis and ovarian cysts.  Interestingly, endometriosis is thought to be a Th2 created disease. (R)  As a side note, I've been taking d-pinotol and inositl to help with ovarian cysts.  It's greatly reduced my pain.

​​7. ​​​​​​D​rumming

​A group of subjects participated in group drumming.  Their blood was taken and immune parameters measured before and after the session.  

  • ​Natural Killer Cells levels increased without altering IFN-gamma or IL-2 levels.

8.  Germinating Broccoli Seeds (for sulphoraphane)

broccoli seeds

Studies were on 2-3 day sprouts vs microgreens.  Sulphoraphane peeks at 48 hours. (R)

​​9.  G​inseng

​Heat Killed Lactobacillus​ P​lantarum 137 - also known ​Immuno Lp 20.  ​Probiotics are like people, every one is very different and unique.  So when reading probiotic studies and taking probiotics, I always try to buy the exact strain that was studied (usually a challenge).   Another thing I've come across in my reading is that heat killed probiotics seem to be more effective at immunomodulating towards Th1 (away from Th2 allergies) than live bacteria.  

​1​1.  ​​l. casei shirota (Yakult)

​​In Japan, you can buy this as a probiotic.  In the U.S., you need to buy the exceptionally sugary drink milk called Yakult.  We tried this briefly, but the sugary milk concoction just didn't seem like a good idea.

  • ​Lower​s IL-10​
  • ​Increase​s IL-12​ & IL-4
  • We've opted out of yakult for now - way too much sugar.  In Japan, they sell l. casei shirota as a probiotic (not in sugary milk drink).  But alas, they don't sell it in the states.  UGH!

​1​​2.  ​​​Magnesium Citrate

​In vivo study on asthmatic children using dose of Magnesium Citrate in evening. (Dosage for children under 7 was 200mg, dosage for kids older than 7 was 290mg).  There is some back and forth online about magnesium lozenges (​A post by a patent application holder for a lozenge claims that lozenges can be dangerous in asthma attack situation.  I could not confirm or dispute this information - only that the person posting this info also holds a patent for a magnesium lozenge.  Sales pitch?  You decide.).

  • ​Increase​s glutathione
  • ​Antioxidant effect
  • Relaxes muscles (used intravenously in hospitals for acute asthma attacks)
  • Reduces severity & incidence of asthma attacks
  • Buy the brand that I recommend here.

​1​​​3.  Magnolia Flower Lung-Clearing Decoction

​Japanese herbal mix

  • ​Reduce​s IL-4​ & IgE​
  • Raise​s ​Interferon Gamma

​1​​​​4.  ​​Melatonin

Potential double edged sword.  If you decide to try it, make sure it's synthetic and not derived from actual cow or pig brain.  ​

  • ​Reduce​s IL-4​ & IgE​
  • ​May exacerbate nocturnal bronchial asthma
  • Buy the brand that I recommend and verified is synthetic here.

​1​​​​​5.  ​​​Plant Sterols

​Interestingly enough plant sterols also can lower cholesterol (liver effect).  

​1​​​​​​6.  ​​​​Probiotic - B. Lactis HN019

​While we took this and did not notice a difference, I think this probiotic still has a place on the list.  We are not as methodical about testing vitamins and supplements as we should be - doing regular before and after blood work and symptom journaling.

​1​​​​​​​7.  ​​​​​Probiotic - L. Rhamnosus HN001

​While we took this and did not notice a difference, I think this probiotic still has a place on the list.  We are not as methodical about testing vitamins and supplements as we should be - doing regular before and after blood work and symptom journaling.  

This strain and the one above are in the same supplement.

​1​​​​​​​​8.  ​​Rice ​Bran ​Exo-​Biopolymer, RBEP

  • ​Increases ​Interferon Gamma Levels

​1​​​​​​​​9.  ​​Second-​Generation ​Immunomodulatory ​Oligonucleotides

  • ​Stimulates Th1 Immunity

​The most bio-available form of vitamin C.  I've taken ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance and have not had anywhere near the results I have had with sodium ascorbate.

​​2​​2.  ​​​Sulforaphane

​Found in broccoli and broccoli sprouts.

  • ​​Reduces Th2 cytokine IL-4
  • We use broccoli sprouts.  But they can be challenging to eat - and get kids to eat.  So if you prefer to just pop a pill, this is the brand that I recommend.

​​2​​​3.  ​Vitamin D

​There is a sweet spot for vitamin D.  Too little and you have elevated IgE.  Too much and you have elevated IgE.  In the middle, vitamin D reduces IgE levels.  The middle range is determined via blood draw.

​​2​​​​4.  ​​​Whey Protein ​

​A 30-day study with asthmatic children found that 10 grams a day reduced IgE levels by 30%.  To say that this is a huge reduction in a short amount of time is to understate the impact.

25.  Yeast Beta Glucans (There are also mushroom beta glucans)

Beta Glucans, like probiotics, like people... are different and unique.  You cannot read a study for mushroom beta glucans and translate those results to a yeast beta glucan, and vice versa.  There is also the heated topic of efficacy and dosage for efficacy.  

Ideally the yeast beta glucan you take (for allergies) should be able to show via some in vivo studies that it:

​Most of the links are affiliate disclosure, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with many of these resources, and I recommend them because they are potentially helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

20+ Allergy & Asthma Resources
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20+ Allergy & Asthma Resources
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