mrsa (mersa)

I acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus after ankle surgery.  And while I don’t know for certain if I got it at the hospital or at a cheap motel while on an extremely stressful road trip, I do know for sure that it appeared days after my surgery.  It was a soft, non-painful, non-red boil that appeared on my face.  In fact I thought it was a water cyst of some sort.  Months later it drained.  Unknowingly, I spread the infection across my face and ultimately ended up with cellulitis.  It took me about 6 months to be free of that infection.  I’ve had 2 small outbreaks since.  And now, nearly four years later I believe I’m finally free.

MRSA (MERSA)  2 years later  (Aug 2013)

Two years after my initial diagnosis and battle.

MRSA (MERSA) boil topical approach   (Dec 2012)

For me, I battled it internally and externally.

MRSA (MERSA) and Vitamin C  (Aug 2012)

Vitamin C was part of what I used to get rid of MRSA.

Summing up what worked for MRSA (MERSA) for me  (May  2012)

A year later I was pretty much free of it.  Although, I did have a boil appear after extreme stress and fatigue.

Rosacea? MRSA update   (Mar 2012)
DMSO and Doxycycline, MRSA? Continued AND Arrival of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (Jan 2012)
MRSA? Doxycycline and DMSO and much anticipated Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang  (Jan 2012)

In desperation and while waiting for BZYQT to arrive, I dissolved my last doxy in DMSO and applied topically.

MRSA – The saga continues  (Dec 2011)
Sinus infection, throat infection, impetigo and Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang  (Nov 2011)

Ultimately, my weakened immune system fell to additional infectious predators.

MRSA (MERSA)  follow up – Listerine, Silver, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kampo  (Nov 2011)

I closed in on a solution while the battle raged on.

MRSA (MERSA)  and Zinc  (Oct 2011)

I used topical zinc and took oral, to my dismay making the situation worse.  Apparently MRSA sequesters zinc before your own immune system does.

MRSA versus Allimed Garlic Day 7  (Oct 2011)
MRSA versus Garlic the Allimed Challenge  (Oct 2011)
MRSA Trial, Error, Trial Again (Dec 2011)

The ongoing dance between me and the bacteria on my face.

MRSA  (Sept 2011)

Shortly after my diagnosis.