food allergies

Food allergies – an immune response to a benign protein in food causing symptoms that range from hives to shock and anaphylaxis.  A very alienating element given food’s omnipresence in all of everything we do.

If you’re dealing with food allergies, the asthma entries will interest you as well.  Here are some entries though specific to food allergies:
Baked Milk Challenge – 5 WEEKS OUT  (Aug 2013)

The first several weeks getting into the grove of daily dosing of baked milk.

Hercules, Food Allergy, and the Baked Milk Challenge  (July 2013)

When my son’s IgE levels fell into range, we decided to do a baked milk challenge.

TSO and Food Allergy & Asthma  (June 2013)

Trichuris Suis Ova was the helminth of choice in my investigations.  Ultimately we didn’t go down that path, but it continues to be on my radar.

The vaccine debate  (Feb 2013)

For us, I think the way we vaccinated only contributed in a negative manner.  While I would do things differently now, certain vaccines like the BCG vaccine are of interest.

Beyond Food Allergies, Allergies, and Asthma – or Why I can’t stop thinking about giving my son worms  (Nov 2012)

This is something that I’ve thought about frequently.  My only concern is that once you get on this train, I don’t think you can get off.

Guo Lin QiGong Lessons and Traveling with Food Allergies and Asthma  (Nov 2012)

Our road trip to Canada replete with bronchitis, eye infection, and OH YEAH food allergies.