A narrowing and constricting of the lungs along with inflammation triggered by an external stimulus such as pollen, dander, food… that causes a person to wheeze and cough.  Can be chronic.  Is definitely suckass.

Allopathic medicine offers avoidance, steroids, immune dampening drugs, and emergency plans.   And while all of these can be LIFESAVING, I am interested in deeper, longer lasting, healing.

Our asthma experiences:

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Food Allergies  (Oct 2014)

If you have allergic asthma this will interest you as well.

Allergist Appointment, Lower IgE Levels and Food Challenge  (Oct 2014)

Lower IgE, asthma symptoms back up – what we’re learning.

Lice Treatment – But first – are they good for us?  (Aug 2014)

Our experience with lice and the fading of eczema (maybe asthma).  Coincidence?

Probiotics and oral tolerance induction  (Dec 2013)

I believe that part of the answer to the asthma and allergies lies in probiotics.

Our American Gut Fecal Bacteria Results  (Dec 2013)

Interesting to see the gut bacteria in light of asthma & food allergies

Baked Milk Challenge 4 Months Out, Probiotics, & Chelation   (Nov 2013)

Chelation for asthma?

Hair Test Results  (Oct 2013)

What’s toxicity got to do with it?

Oh beautiful L. Brevis & Other Bacterial Ramblings   (Sept 2013)

Probiotics play a role in all this?!

F**ck Asthma (Sept 2013)

Thought we were making headway – asthma attack set back.

An Epidemic of Absence   (Feb 2013)

Hygiene hypothesis.

An Epidemic of Absence Part 2 – and a plan to heal allergies (Feb 2013)

Hygiene hypothesis – could I have done things differently while pregnant knowing what I know now?

Reducing IGE levels for food allergy and asthma (Dec 2012)

Our protocol in 2012.  We had positive results then hit a wall.