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I am not a scientist or doctor – just a layperson on a healing journey.  All modalities have something to add and in my opinion locking onto one only can be downright dangerous and just plain stupid.  I want to use this blog to share thoughts on research, healing modalities, stories of healing, and insights.  While I am interested in scientific and clinical studies I recognize a couple things –
1 – I am not a scientist and so – I may not get the full depth of the study.
2 – Studies can be skewed, and unless you are a scientist and privy to the full study methodologies and compliance rates and other such details – it can be nearly impossible to discern the validity.
3 – Ultimately, we are all anecdotes.  And therefore, our healing process will be as universal and yet individual as our circumstances and make-up.
4 – In the recent past, I would completely dismiss airyfairy sounding things like energy healing up through accupuncture.  I just didn’t see how a couple needles, or someone laying hands on someone, or whatever – could make a difference.  But then I read studies from everything from drumming raising immune function and cytokine levels to accupuncture delivering quantifiable immuno-modulating results.  So now – I am much more open, although still suspicious (additionally see 1-3).

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