6 alternative healing MUST HAVES

I get overwhelmed lots of times with the amount of ‘alternative’ therapies there are out there to try.  But here are 5 6 that I have tried and can vouch for.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar –     A couple of years ago I had gotten plantars warts on my foot.  Needless to say, I thought they we’re callouses so I buffed them, only to spread them to cover the entire ball of my foot and my middle finger.  After $800 in dermatologist payments (I had good insurance at the time), 6 months, and lots of freeze, cut, freeze, cut…PAIN, the warts persisted.  The derm recommended localized chemo injections.  I declined.  I tried banana peels, duct tape, potato… you name it.  Then I discovered online – apple cider vinegar kills warts.  So I tried it.  Soaked a cotton ball, put it on with bandage, changed every 24 hours.  In about 3 weeks all the warts were gone.  Just a warning, although this didn’t happen to my friend, it burned like HELL for about 3 days.  Not just burned, but throbbed  from my foot to my knee, and my finger to my wrist.  Ow! – But yes, apple cider vinegar killed the shit out of the warts.  My son had a stubborn one on his face – that eggplant managed to get down a little, but not all the way.  Apple cider vinegar-ed it for about 10 days – gone.
    •  ACV for ovarian cysts – now this is something I just starting.  I’ve been having intense, waxing and waning, chronic pain in my right side.  An ultrasound today revealed a “dominant follicle.”  I am following up with a gyne next week to further discuss.  But, my understanding is that it is a type of cyst.  Needless to say – I have been, over the last several days, drinking 1 tblspn of ACV in water 3-4 times a day – and as crazy as it sounds it’s actually reduced the pain.  I’m hoping that it helps completely resolve it.  But in the meantime, having some pain relief is a welcomed respite.  
    • ACV for plantar wartsJust wrote a blog post on that.


  • Probiotics –     I’m not that old, but old enough to have some joint pain. Mainly in my elbows, wrists – probably from computer working.  If I take 1 packet of VSL a day for about 5-10 days the pain will disappear.  I do this as needed.  Rock on – very expensive, but well worth it



  • Garlic Pills        Now, I would not have discovered this had I not had MRSA.  And I must confess – for me the garlic pills did not attack the MRSA – not even the super expensive Allicin.  But what I noticed while on the garlic pills was that my digestion improved.  I still continue digestive enzymes – but I found that I can now skip digestive enzymes and digest food without them.  Which for me is huge.  At my high point – I was taking 2 garlique pills with each meal.



  • DMSO  –       Prior to receiving my the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang and vitamin C, I used one last doxycycline dissolved in a tiny amount of DMSO to eradicate a  budding boil on my face.  3 days of saturating the boil in the making with the mixture – and it was gone.  Way less meds than orally – although without the systemic effects.



  • Vitamin C –     I really can’t sing the praises of vitamin C enough.  We do use the lypospheric stuff around my home – for now –  until I can squeeze enough time from my already stretched schedule to make our own encapsulated vit C in an ultrasonic cleaner.  But for now we have used it to clear a nasty flu, nasal congestion, asthma cough, and keep bacteria at bay.  Although I am breakout free, I will get little pimples occasionally on my nose if I skip lypo C for a couple days – I suspect these to be MRSA.  1 gram of lypo C a day keeps me breakout free.   I am contemplating experimenting with upping my dose to 2-4 grams daily for a week or so and then cutting it off to see if I can just knock the MRSA out of me totally.  But I have not yet done so.
  • Ginger – Depending on what you are looking to use ginger for – you either want the fresh or the dried.  Apparently, the fresh is high in gingerol.  But Shogaol is only available when the ginger is dried.  Now I’ve read some accounts that state that the components are destroyed or lessened when it is cooked, and others that say the there is shogaol present still.  I personally, would err on the side of caution and get dried if I were looking for the shogaol component.


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