Talking Microbiota – Everything From Allergies to Depression

It takes a village to raise a child.  On a microscopic level, each child is a village unto himself; and that village sculpts everything from their immune system to psyche.

DURING OUR recent conversation, Professor Christopher Lowry of University of Colorado elegantly painted the picture of each person as a teaming community of cells and microbes coming together to create ‘health’ or ‘un-health’.  In fact, we are made up of approximately 10% our own cells and 90% symbionts (microbes).

VIEWING allergies through this lens BRINGS an ENTIRELY new perspective INTO FOCUS.  To use an analogy, it’s like RUNNING a company,  Yourself inc.,with a STAFF of wonderful, and not so wonderful, employees and collaborators, and INADVERTENTLY FIRING key people from key departments –  janitorial, payroll, HR,etc – and ALLOWING the company to run amuck.  This is allergy – an imbalanced community missing key members.

But which ones?

For a while now I’ve looked at antibacterial PRODUCTS with DEEP disdain.  And I’ve battled MRSA, so I’m not stranger to the ravages of pathogenic bacteria.  But the ‘antibacterial movement’, unfortunately, not only makes things like MRSA worse, but it also kills off key beneficial bacteria.   Our fixation with ‘anitbacterial’ is the tip of the iceberg in the larger, almost neurotic, drive to obliterate all things that are gross, slimy, germy…. A frenzy brought on by clever marketing and not so clever consumers…A movement is destroying our individual and group villages.

I was DELIGHTED to hear Prof Lowry DESCRIBE THE DECADES OLD DISCOVERY of  Mycobacterium Vaccae  in the ‘orange slime’ of an African Lake.  M. Vaccae possesses powers to improve maladies ranging from allergies to tuberculosis to depression to cancer.

Orange slime?  Holy (insert expletive)!  Get the sanitizer.  Grab the kids.  Make it go away!

But is it possible that this is where certain keys of life live… in the muck… in the things that we westerners, hypnotized by the concept that we can control our world  if we sanitize it to death, cringe at and seek to destroy?

HIGH TECH DOES NOT EQUATE TO HIGH INTELLIGENCE, AND CERTAINLY DOES NOT MAKE US MORE highly developed humans than THE INHABITANTS OF that lake.  THE ABILITY TO DESTROY LIFE DOES NOT CARRY WITH IT THE ABILITY TO CONTROL IT.   We CONTAMINATE our lives with chemicals, then ‘clean up’ the VERY things that give us life.  Oh divine irony.


You can read the full transcripts here:  Talking Microbiota – Everything from Allergies to Depression – Full Transcripts

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