Ginger and my Ovaries

The pain started back in January of 2012.  And honestly at first I thought it was a gas issue.  Nothing pretty to discuss there – but it was what I thought.  At the time also I was beginning Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang – which according to my herbalist can cause some intestinal distress.  So I shrugged it off.

Well months moved forward until the pain was totally taking me over.  I could not sleep on my right side because the weight of my own body on that side hurt.  It was a constant pain that woke me from sleep and followed me everywhere.  There were many instances where I would white knuckle it through until it subsided.  I didn’t have insurance.  But in desperation, I went to the doctor, a primary care physician, who took my money and then sent me home telling me to avoid dairy (which I told her I did).  Needless to say, I ended up in the ER in August.

An ultra sound reported an enlarged follicle and ovary on my right side.  Crap that hurts.

I have drank apple cider vinegar, been taking Chinese herbs on and off, taking magnesium…   The pain has gone down significantly, but not all the way.  After my period ends the pain starts again.  Less, but still there.  Of course the obsessive worrier and researcher that I am, I found some interesting research with iodine and ginger. 

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Currently, I take (about 3 days a week) 5 drops of lugols and I’ve been blending about an inch of ginger root with some apple/carrot juice.  This is an intense combo.  I did that 3 times this week and it brought the pain down further.  I took 3 days off, and I’ll start again tomorrow.  The pain is still there, but greatly diminished – plus I’m just so damn sensitive to that area now – it makes me aware of every little ache.

I’ll see how this week goes.  Ginger is a powerful herb and not something that I will take daily – there are many studies that show it has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties – but side effects can also be things like it thins the blood, has in mouse studies been linked to bone loss and reduced testicle size (not that I am concerned about that)… But I am taking a log.  Bottom line it has helped change something inside my body to quell the ovarian pain.  I guess I’ll see what that means when I return for an ultrasound at the end of this month.   Until then I plan on doing the intense ginger and iodine regime 2-3 days a week until all the pain is gone. 

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